The launching of the 2nd Term of Eglets Plan

The 2nd term of Innovision's Eaglets Plan officially starts in 2014. After two-month practice evaluation, the eaglets of new term come out! Please follow Little Tian to visit the first week of these eaglets.


First Class Begins: Opening Ceremony

In 2014, the "Eaglets Plan" creatively adds the practice evaluation and set five rounds to choose eaglet elites! On Jun 9th, the opening ceremony of the 2nd term of Eaglets Plan of Innovision officially starts! On the opening day, the vice president of Innovision, Zeng Jun arrives to give eaglet medals to the eaglets and place high hopes on them。


Second Class: Lessons for Eaglets

After the awarding ceremony, the eaglet lessons designed by the well-known mentors of Innovision are strongly recommended! These lessons include theory teaching in class, field practice and teacher's imparting knowledge, which will help the eaglets to complete the workplace transformation.


Third Class: Outdoor Activities for Eaglets

Except the professional lesson training,the outdoor activities of Innovision are carrying out, which are stricter and richer,aiming to strengthen the fight will and teamwork spirit! In spite of the hot weather, the eaglets grow stronger and stronger!


In the next three months, these eaglets will enter a job rotation in the business departments and they still have a long way to go. Let us together to focus on every moment of these eaglets and cheer for them!

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